There are many factors to consider when selecting an auction company. It is important to make yourself aware of an auction company’s expertise and history in selling items similar to your own. For example, you would not consign fine antiques to an auction company whose specialty is farm equipment or commercial machinery. Nor would you wish to consign fine art to a company without any expertise in that field.

Hall's Auction Services Ltd. specializes in antiques, fine furniture, collectibles, and objets d'art. Through our affiliate, Hodgins Art Auctions Ltd, we offer the resources and expertise to market fine original art.

In order for items to sell well at auction, care must be given to accurate cataloguing, effective display and preview prior to sale (both in person and increasingly online), and proper advertisement to both the general public and specific clientele. Every item consigned to Hall's Auction Services Ltd. is carefully examined, researched, described & evaluated.

Hall's Auction Services Ltd. has a mailing list of approximately 12,000 clients in Calgary as well as across the country, into the United States and overseas. Further, Hall's uses any number of online tools to promote your items to a very broad market on the web. In-house, we provide detailed catalogues and formal previews to the public for all our auctions. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will respond to any questions from interested clients.

Hall's Auction Services Ltd. charges competitive commission rates for the sale of consignments. There are no additional fees for items credit card discounts, cataloguing, photography, or advertising. We encourage you to review our consignment contact for complete details.

Hall’s Auction Services assists many estate lawyers, trust companies, estates, private individuals, museums and corporations each year. Corporate clients of Hall’s Auction Services and our fine art affiliate, Hodgins Art Auctions, have included EnCana, Cenovus, Chevron Canada Resources, Talisman Energy, Bennett Jones, Dunphy Calvert, Milner Fenerty and Soby Boyden Lenz.


The procedures for selling at Hall's Auction Services Ltd. are quite simple.

You begin by contacting our offices for a pre-sale estimate. You will receive a contract to sign, setting forth terms and fees for the services that we will provide. You then can either bring your property to our showroom yourself, arrange with a shipper to deliver it, or have us organize the shipping on your behalf. Properties usually arrive throughout the year as there are cataloguing deadlines that come into effect for specific sales.

Every item consigned to Hall's Auction Services Ltd. is carefully examined, researched, described, and assigned a pre-sale estimate in the auction catalogue - all at no cost to you. We will send you a property schedule detailing the auction estimate, the date of the auction sale, and a suggested start price.

The start price is the minimum price below which your property will not be sold. It is determined by you, in consultation with our staff.


By law, consignors must be paid for items sold at auction within 21 (twenty-one) days of the sale. Hall's Auction Services Ltd. deposits all monies from sales into a Trust Account on behalf of the consignor. Each consignor receives a complete accounting of the sale, listing each item, the amount it sold for, the amount of the commission and the amount of the net cheque for sold prices less our commission.


We are happy to discuss your items and provide market estimates for inclusion at auction. In some cases we may be able to do this based on photographs but in some instances we will need to see the items first-hand.

Schedule an appointment with us and let us show you how Hall's Auction Services Ltd. can assist you with marketing your belongings.